TL; DR: about 2-3 times faster than typical performances today.

Originally, Chopin marked the tempo for Etude op. 10 no 3 as Vivace ma non troppo (meaning lively, but not too much):

In the first edition of the sheet music he changed it to Lento ma non troppo (lento = slow) and added a metronome marking of 100 beats per minute:

However, typical performances of this etude are 2-3 times slower than that, as was for example noticed by one of the users of a popular music notation website:

So, to conclude, if you want to play Etude op. 10 no 3 like Chopin, play it with a tempo of around 100 BPM. But if you want to win Chopin Competition, play it 2-3 times slower than that.